Our Founder

Penny A is a true shape wear fanatic and she has spent years trying different corsets and shape wear brand but none quite fit her needs. She searched for corsets and shape wear to feel confident on and enhances her curves with it being detected under her clothes but found every product she tried rolled down, had no structure, and squeezed her in the wrong places.

Penyin wanted corsets and shape wears that was outstanding, bold and effective, not apologetic and flimsy. After a fruitless search for the perfect pair, she set out to create her own. Her first product which was the HUSH corset sold out in just 2 weeks after it was launch in Ghana, a viral success, and the HUSHBODY brand become Official.

Our Mission

“We wear shape wear to enhance what’s already there, and there is nothing wrong with wearing things that makes you feel confident and FABULOUS”

We believe women deserve under garments that will give the the deserving confidence they desire. Our goal is to embolden women of all shapes and sizes through out high quality corsets and shape wear that can be worn with pride.

Our products are thoughtfully selected for your already-perfect body to provide on-demand-confidence…all on your terms. So you can spend more time savoring your life and less time stressing over how your clothes fit.